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MAF is an advocacy association organized to improve the business climate for manufacturers in Florida. Anyone who has a common interest is invited to join MAF. There are several options: Board membership, Regular membership for manufacturers based on number of employees, or Affiliate membership for non manufacturers. Click here for a Membership Application.


What's New?

1-30-15  STEM and Manufacturing School Competition.  Click here for materials.  Deadline April 13, 2015.

1-19-15 Check out the new video "Made in Florida" here.

10-21-14 Florida named 2nd best Business climate in the U.S.

9-25-14 Check out Nancy Stephens' blog on Pathways to a Career in Advanced Manufacturing by clicking here.

9-8-14   MAF Membership brochure here.  For copies, email

9-8-14 Let us know of your internship and permanent jobs for placing TRADE college students.



“Drive to 1,000” Campaign to Place Students in Advanced Manufacturing Jobs

Clearwater, Florida - The Florida TRADE Consortium, a coalition of 13 state and community colleges across Florida, is announcing the launch of a statewide campaign to place 1,000 Florida TRADE students into jobs in advanced manufacturing by April 1, 2016. The campaign will be highlighted by job fairs, campus events, manufacturing days and forums, and other activities over the next 12 months.  Read entire Press Release here.

Join the "Industry Certifications Preferred" Team!

When prospective employees arrive at your doorstep with an industry certification on their resume that is relevant to your business, it will undoubtedly save you time and money when you hire that individual.  You can help drive students to earn industry certifications by putting “industry certifications preferred” on your employment applications and packages.  Then go one step further and list the industry certifications you are looking for.

MAF and the MAF Center are working with state agencies and the TRADE college consortium to coordinate the universe of industry certifications for manufacturers in Florida.  Attached is a flyer that lists the industry certifications being offered at Florida colleges (and some high schools and tech schools) now.  We encourage you to pull the ones off the list that matter to you and put them on your employment applications!

We don’t have to have the “chicken or the egg debate” if we just start putting “industry certifications preferred” now on our employment materials! The preference will drive prospective employees to earn those certifications. Click here for more details.

Looking for Qualified Manufacturing Entry Level Workers?

Manufacturers in Florida are looking for qualified, experienced workers…but cannot find them because candidates for jobs do not have the required skills. So now we have a solution! 

Students from around the state are now ready to accept a 4-week paid learning experience (or longer) at your company.  You might ask them to tackle a project for you, utilizing the skills they have just acquired, or pair them with a seasoned worker to provide additional manpower for a job.  No obligations beyond the learning experience, but if you try them you might want to keep them!  For more information check here

Visit to view students now available with one or more of the skills above and contact the designated college to interview the individuals.  


Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption Now in Effect

On April 30, 2014, a sales tax exemption for manufacturing machinery, equipment, parts and accessories went into effect.  For a list of the manufacturing sector's included in this new sales tax exemption, click here.  For more details on applying for exemption, click here for the Department of Revenue Tax Tip.

What Does Manufacturing Mean (to you)?

Check out this short video that shows manufacturing employees talking about what manufacturing means to them!.

Prepare to Export

Manufacturers in Florida are encouraged to register in the Florida Export Directory. Go to to register.

MAF Center for Advanced Manufacturing Excellence

The MAF Center is a 501c3 educational charitable organization to promote manufacturing education, manufacturing careers and manufacturing-led research. All donations are tax deductible.

The Center manages the state Dream It Do It campaign to inspire students to follow manufacturing careers; administers the TRADE Consortium Business Liaison program, and facilitates manufacturing research projects for manufacturers. If you are interested in being a member of the Board of Trustees, please drop a line to For more information visit


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