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MAF 2018 Legislative Priorities

The Manufacturers Association of Florida has established the following priorities for the 2018 Florida Legislative Session:

Workers compensation insurance rates– In December 2016 the Office of Insurance Regulation imposed a 14.5% workers compensation insurance rate increase on Florida businesses.  While NCCI currently is proposing a 9.6% reduction for 2018, the Office of Insurance Regulation has not made a decision.  Further, even a 9.6% reduction would not re-establish the 2015 competitive rates.  Florida businesses still need greater relief from workers compensation insurance rates.  A reduction in attorneys’ fees or other mechanisms could further reduce rates.

Reduction in commercial leases/rent state sales tax –On January 1, 2018 the sales tax on commercial leases/rents will be reduced from 6% to 5.8%.  Florida is the only state to charge sales tax on commercial rentals of real property statewide.  Manufacturers lease/rent a considerable amount of real estate to house their operations.  MAF supports further reductions in the sales tax on commercial leases/rents.

Appropriations for Enterprise FloridaMAF supports fully funding Enterprise Florida, the primary economic development agency in Florida.

Manufacturing tangible personal property tax reform – The State Constitution establishes the tangible personal property tax on manufacturing equipment.  This tax schedule is outdated, given rapidly changing technology in the manufacturing business. MAF supports a proposed constitutional amendment exempting this manufacturing equipment from taxation or allowing assessment at less than just value pursuant to a method of accelerated depreciation established by general law.

Constitution Revision Commission - Of the nearly 100 proposals, Proposal 23 Natural Resources and Scenic Beauty, could have serious unintended consequences for the business community.

MAF also supports:

  • Promoting research and development by businesses in Florida
  • Pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships for Florida youth