FDEP Emergency Rule & the Manufacturing Impacts

September 26, 2016: Governor Scott directed the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to issue an emergency rule that establishes new requirements for public notification of pollution incidents. The Governor’s press release, the emergency rule and the reasoning for the emergency rule are available for download. This rule is currently in effect.

The rule calls for any owner or operator of any installation who has knowledge of any pollution at such installation to provide a notice of the pollution within 24 hours to FDEP, the mayor (or equivalent), the chair of the county commission (or equivalent), the city manager (or equivalent), and the media. 
Attention all manufacturers: The requirement is for ANY installation, which is where you come in. Learn what must be included in the notification and find all the links to print news media to stay compliant.

For reporting pollution under the new FDEP Emergency Pollution Rule, contact:

Stephanie Gudeman
Program Manager

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
stephanie.gudeman @dep.state.fl.us
Office: 850.245.2048
Cell: 850.766.3380